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Tarah Who? – 64 Women Review

If Motorhead were fronted by Alanis Morissette

I do enjoy a good tagline and Tarah Who? has a great one: ‘If Motorhead were fronted by Alanis Morissette’. To be fair it is also quite accurate! Well into their career, the female duo that makes up Tarah Who? have 2 albums and 3 EP’s behind them and with their new EP ’64 Women’ I’ve now joined the fan club.

Tarah Who?

The riff beauty of ‘Linger’ bursts onto your speakers reminding me of a more punk-psyche Hole. The verses and choruses are edgy and discordant as Tarah Who? chant the title over like a war cry. Then the bridges feature a running scuttle of arpeggios descending down with such clarity, it takes you by surprises. Similarly, ‘Copycat’ channels that Motorhead style of rock for anthemic choruses before veering off into discordant Nirvana like off-key moments. It sounds a bit strange to merge these artist soundalikes together but Tarah Who? makes it flow seamlessly.

‘Hurt’ is the most radio-friendly track. The music feels like a 90’s power rock throwback and it allows the vocals to really shine as the guitars are dialled back. Tarah’s voice has a smooth husk to it which lets her really power play the lower register. ‘Umbilicus’ is a short punk number that is as raucous as it is invigorating and ‘Numb Killer’ elevates that feeling even further. It’s frantic guitar effects evoke paranoia and darkness that seeps through every word. This is how I’d have imagined Soft Cell and Marc Almond making a punk rock band.

Tarah Who? have made a punchy EP with ’64 Women’. Each track is crammed with hooks, rage, angst and uprising power. They clearly know their craft inside out and enjoy blending grungy dissonance into more retro riff styled rock. You’ll know exactly who Tarah is after enjoying this riot.

Recommended track: Numb Killer

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Tarah Who? - 64 Women



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