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Tummyache – Humpday Review

Nothing to grumble about

I first discovered Tummyache earlier this year and posted about how excited I was to hear a future release. Fast forward several months and here we have ‘Humpday’ to chew on. Five tracks of uprising rock anthems to enjoy – it’s exactly what I had hoped for.

Opening with ‘Machine’, Tummyache has brought across chunky drums and guitars just how I like them when I’m going to sing at the top of my voice. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing come the chorus as we rise against the world order lyrically and set musical riot to the world around us. Whilst there are heavy chords smashing around I really liked the feedback fingerpicking solos flying around under the radar too.


‘Humpday’ plays with uneasy chord patterns made more sinister with pointed metallic synths. The chorus has a rising chord pattern that feels like it is about to pull a horror movie jumpscare but could equally veer into a superhero redemption. This comment will make so much more sense when you hear it I promise. Switching gears entirely is the mildly more chipper ‘Common Place’ with its skittish percussion and more acoustic-based guitars. There is a slight hint of Venus Hum here and that’s no bad thing.

‘Median’ returns to the raucous rock the EP opened with. You can place these catchy rock classics alongside the kind of music that made me fall for Bryde last year. The music is full of confidence and energy and that intensity carries through the promise of emotion. The EP closes with ‘In Between’ which is the sole slow song. Its a heartfelt end to the collection and has a dreamlike quality to it that reminds me mildly of Mitski. That is also because the song doesn’t have a verse/chorus/verse structure. It moves between different evolving segments and quickly too.

It is not often I get excited about a completely new persona but there was something about Tummyache that spoke to me. ‘Humpday’ absolutely meets with my expectations and delivers five stonking tracks that I’m already greatly fond of. Easily one of the strongest rock releases of 2019 – pick it up. You won’t grumble about it.

Recommended track: Machine

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Tummyache - Humpday



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