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Pendant – Through a Coil Review

Home brew rock for the open road

The acoustic rock singer-songwriter genre is bloated so you have to stand out by doing something different or owning your craft completely. Pendant falls into the latter category. His blissed-out indie rock style is a platform for him to explore dissonant chords and jazzy music elements in a sad and homemade rock way.

I feel like Pendant is a mash-up of Beck and Stone Temple Pilots in their more acoustic-based years. There is a real parallel between Pendant and Scott Wailen’s voice too. This is true more so when Pendant raises his voice for the choruses to his higher, more dramatic pitch.


Across the albums 8 tracks, there is a ton to enjoy. From the indie-pop radio hit in waiting ‘Through a Coil’ to the warped minor chords of ‘Sensory Field’, each track feels unique and full-bodied. There’s an element of college rock thrown in with the electric guitars and grungy production. Songs like ‘Rubber Band’ play into this whereas ‘Dovetail’ pushes this production but in the sparkled Americana genre with a bite.

Elsewhere Pendant makes really good use of vintage keyboard synths. Often distorted, they give a 60s/70s feel to the jangle rock. ‘Name around my neck’ is the best example of this and its glorious. ‘In Repose’ uses those synths for the mellow chill out arpeggios that rain across your ears. It is cute, empty and melancholy all at the same time. It also nods to vaporwave in its mumbly delivery.

I absolutely loved Pendant’s ‘Through a Coil’. It has some really nice ideas but it is the way he delivers his emotion that makes it. His voice, his offkey guitar motifs, cute vintage organs, chugging drums and occasionally advert happy sarcasm. It all comes together to make something quite special. This could be an underground gem for 2019.

Recommended track: Through a Coil

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Pendant - Through a Coil



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