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Introducing… Tummyache

Wanting to feel better

Tummyache is the alt-rock musical project of Soren Bryce. She has been releasing music for over six years but Tummyache is a new project that lets her explore her sadder and more reflective side. Her debut single ‘In Between’ has a drone like guitar pull which lets Bryce’s voice take hold. Reminding me mildly of Julien Baker and incidentally a slower Bryde, the track evolves and explodes into the finale. Repeating the line ‘I want to feel better’ it harks back to the the reason Tummyache is called what it is. It’s a symptom of anxiety and this feeling encapsulates the project perfectly.

Enjoy the single ‘In Between’ below. An EP is currently in the works and due out towards the end of the year.

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