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Delhia De France – Oceanides Review

Nymphs of France

Delhia De France wowed me with her seductive and experimental EP ‘Moirai’ last year. It was an expertly judged balance of weirdness with pop sentiments hidden under the surface. Delhia returns with her new EP ‘Oceanides’ and its another slice of sublime electronica.

Delhia de France
Delhia de France

Taking on the nymphs of the sea, each track has a subtitle to go with it. ‘Friend: Kalypso’ is a subdued and gentle track. The soft electric-piano like synths and faded drums cross over between 80’s pop and Vespertine clicks from Bjork. All the while Delhia’s soft and cooing voice is heavily layered upon itself to give multiple vocal riffs and vocal lines. I often refer to hypnotic music as a siren’s call and this does the trick perfectly. ‘Reach: Dione’ is a darker affair. It’s like a slow-motion techno anthem that leaves a lot of space between its pulses. Delhia De France’s voice is front and centre, stripped of all the technical wizardry it caresses your ears with its catchy chorus. The juxtaposition of the warm vocals and the kookier synths is excellent. ‘Tremors: Nemesis’ turns the tension up a notch with a Terminator-esuqe pulsing beat with plenty of stick percussion and strong vocal chants. ‘Spin the Wheel: Styx’ closes out the EP with a glassy but haunting late-night afterglow piece. The piano is underscored with cinematic synths and the whole piece feels like it could underscore a thriller.

‘Oceanides’ see’s Delhia De France expand her talents and wrap them around an excellent theme. The lyrics are on point, the creepy but seductive tone of all four tracks really pull you in and once again I’m blown away. Easily one of the best discoveries I’ve made in music over the last 18 months. Check her out.

Recommended track: ‘Spin the Wheel: Styx’

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Delhia De France - Oceanides



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