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Delhia de France – Moirai Review

Delhia de France
Delhia de France

Delhia de France’s weird love or warbly synths and atmospheric noises are the trademarks that are smeared all over her debut EP “Moirai”. Each track has a neon-Tokyo tinge to it but in an oppressive slow-motion way. Like a tape that’s slightly warped, each track has that eerie quality to it no matter how sweet and luscious Delhia’s voice is. It makes the EP an absolute treat.

“Waterfalls” was the single and it continues to give more and more each time I listen to it. The chorus is a soothing earn worm of high registered hushes but all the synth and percussion around it is like we’ve just survived a disco doomsday. It’s the perfect introduction to the artist and showcases Delhia’s beautiful voice and her penchant for a great melody that’s been detuned. “Blank_” moves towards a trip-hop beat with a busy and scatty bassline that is at odds with the soothing organs. Delhia is having none of it from either side though and is singing her own verses before reminding me of Camile for a chorus and hook. There is an element of chill out here but it’s buried in alternative hooks. “Hypnos” plays with feedback and sound destruction which gives way to a sultry electronic number that has its roots firmly in blues but you’d barely notice. There are elements here of early Emiliana Torrini and that’s no bad thing at all. The EP closes with “Moirai’s Choir” which is a throbbing kick beat and bassline that merges with strings to create a hypnotic push. Delhia’s voice is vocoded a little like Fever Ray and the whole feel is similar – but more organic in some ways.

Moirai is a superb and bewitching EP from Delhia de France. She creates such a mysterious world you can’t help but want more and more of it, whilst lapping up and savouring what you do have. There is also something about the darkness of the music and the lightness of her voice and delivery that is undeniably sultry and sexy – like a siren from another plain. Colour me impressed and wanting more. Excellent stuff!

Recommended track: Waterfalls

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Delhia de France - Moirai


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