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Introducing… Gabrielle Sterbenz

Gabrielle Sterbenz
Gabrielle Sterbenz

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Gabrielle Sterbenz is today’s artist whose latest single “The Laundress” explores relationships in transition. Whilst the lyrics over the mid-tempo track may initially be talking about just how we change ourselves, the music video accompanying it goes one step further and shows a couple where one of them is transitioning from female to male. In three and a half minutes the double punch combo actually made me think of so many different layers of how we assume the roles in relationships and ourselves that we want, and then the parameters may change – so what happens then? Not just for the person in flux, but for the steady constant who may be left behind if they aren’t wanting to change along the way too.

Gabrielle’s voice is lovely, and she has performed as a back up singer for Lorde, but here as she starts a follow up to her 2015 debut album, I really love the off-kilter percussion that lets you feel quirky and uneasy whilst the slow and steady guitar hold the main space allowing for the chaos behind to unfold. Enjoy “The Laundress” below.

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