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Introducing… Mint

A rallying cry for global change

Apparently rock bands from Grimsby are Mint. I’m not even sure if that’s a saying anymore so I’ll get right to it! Four-piece rockers Mint have been releasing some excellent singles and their recent one is their most visceral yet. ‘Goodbye Beautiful’ makes a huge statement on climate change whilst keeping the riffs and energy at a premium. There is something specifically about this song that struck a chord with me and that is the way how the backing vocal/guitar hybrid sounds like a constant scream. It is as if the song itself is overwrought with pain.

Mint ensure that pain is felt visually too with a choppy and aggressive music video that flicks from destructive image to destructive image. The single is out now and they are currently gigging around North England through the month. Enjoy ‘Goodbye Beautiful’ below.

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