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Ty Segall & Brian Chippendale collaborate for Wasted Shirt

Wasted Shirt is a golden grunge opportunity

I’ve circulated around the edges of Ty Segall’s music for a few years and have been meaning to dive into it. I’d have a particularly miserable day when I discovered ‘All is Lost’ – the new single from Wasted Shirt. Wasted Shirt sees Ty Segall bring his guitars and Brian Chippendale bring his drums and the two of them go absolutely nuts. ‘All is Lost’ is an absolute punk riot as the two rage and raise hell together.

‘All is Lost’ reminds me heavily of lesser-known b-side and unreleased Nirvana tracks where the listener felt like they were riding a tidal wave of emotion. They are less structured, more visceral and often ‘in the moment’. Wasted Shirt will be releasing their album ‘Fungus II’ on the 28th February and judging by the two tracks that have already been released from it, it is going to be a riot! Enjoy the brain scanning music video for ‘All is Lost’ below.

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