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Introducing… The Berries

Picking riffs from the orchard of rock

File this entry under ‘for fans of psyche-rock’. The Berries have a timeless sound with their new single ‘Ancient Steel’. The rockers says that they are a love letter to all guitar music from the past 50 years and their love shines through. Whilst the track is catchy and full of fun, the dexterity and fluidity of the guitar arrangements is stunning. The way each type of guitar interweaves the other and, along with some clever production, it feels retro and cool yet current at the same time.

The Berries released their latest album Berryland last year on the superb Run For Cover record label which specialises in this kind of rock. They are a natural fit and as the band start to focus on more tightly woven tracks for their future releases, I think we could be onto the early development of an absolute powerhouse band like Temples. Enjoy the single ‘Ancient Steel’ below. Berryland is available on Bandcamp.

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