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Introducing… Pamplemousse

Punk rock in the veins, twitchy guitar riffs in the eyes

Pamplemousse sounds like a cross between an exotic fruit and an anthropomorphic super hero cartoon! Thankfully, that’s in name only (although I’d seriously watch that) as Pamplemousse are actually a noisy rock trio who have punk flowing through their veins. With their new single ‘High Strung’, their two and a half minute noise riot is simple on the surface but expertly plays around with dissonance for clashing chords. It creates a tense grinding lash out at the end of the riffs that musically conveys exactly what it’s like to be at the end of your tether every few moments.

‘High Strung’ is the title track and single from Pamplemousse’s new album. It’s due for release on the 19th of April. I expect just as much riotous punk rock riffs and anarchy as shown here, with the guitars turned up to full rage mode. Enjoy the music video for ‘High Strung’ below.

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