Yae – Third Section: Works of Love review

Japanese folk star Yae returned at the end of last year with a three track EP entitled “Third Section: Works of Love” following off the back of a fantastic live album.

Opener “The Sky Which You Love” is a cute acoustic guitar led ditty in the same upbeat chirpy and warm vibe as previous studio album “Aloha Nui” but more folk driven. “Sun, Smile and Flower” brings in minimal percussion with some sublime tuned drums and Yae’s lyrical chants drive the song to its “climax” maintaining a light and jolly feel. Closer “In Everyone’s Dream” is a beautiful piano/vocal track in similar vein to her earlier albums.

This EP is unlikely to convert anyone to Yae’s gnerally minimal style of work however it is beautiful and pure and stays with you long after the song has finished and fans will not be disappointed.

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