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Bjork – How Many Special Editions Do You Need?

Bjork has another special edition of Volta coming out in April! This is a 3 disc edition with remix and live cd and a bonus dvd with all the music videos and a making of documentary. Now normally I’m all for special editions but when Volta was released wasn’t there 2 versions already? I plumped for the special editions then with its IMPOSSIBLE layout of card that meant I had to copy the disc and then file my bought copy away for fear of breaking it. A tad like the family tree box set which you could never get back in the box again! As a result I now want this 3 disc set! My poor wallet. Please Bjork, only one special edition at a time! Volta Revisited comes out in Japan on 16/04/08 and I assume it’ll be out everywhere else the week prior or after.

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