Joe Hisaishi Unveils New Concert

Long time Studio Ghibli scorer Joe Hisaishi has announced he will be having a concert performed by a 200 piece orchestra and a 400 member chorus! Such a large scale performance is down to a celebration of 25 years of Studio Ghibli and the collaboration of Hisaishi and Hayao Miyazaki. Let’s hope this gets a DVD release please!


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i’mmm happyyy to hearrr that!!!i’m a french concuctor of orchestra, singer of opera an’ composer an’ big fan of this incredible composer, i have conducted a choir for a project (suites about music of j hisaishi)!!!!i hope to have this video when it will be on net!!!
    Viva joeeee hisaishiiii!!!!

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