Ayumi Hamasaki – Asia Tour 2007 DVD Live & Documentary Review

Not a few months goes by without something Ayu-orientated being released! This is her latest DVD taken from the 2007 Asia tour, Ayumi’s first. Also a first is the fact that an on-the-road documentary comes with it. However instead of coming separate to the concert, its mish-mashed together in one heap so for those of you who like an uninterrupted concert (like me) will have the next chapter button on standby!

The concert filmed itself is typical Hamasaki. High quality visuals, costumes, sets, background videos, dances and catchy songs. Although nothing new is really performed here (it appears to be a compilation of older sets brought out to Asia) its all done to the highest standard. It is noticeable however that there’s a lack of songs from “Secret” (the current album at the time) and no songs from “(miss)understood”. Many tour staples are here instead.

The documentary actually looks very interesting showing production meetings, stage design and various stages of development. The highlights were seeing what goes on behind the scenes and under the stage during a show. I’ve always wondered about her costume changes and now I know! No wonder she’s crying sometimes… It’s just a shame there’s no subtitles for English viewers but I was still entertained.

This DVD isn’t an absolute must have for Ayu fans as the concert is nothing new but the documentary is good viewing.  I enjoyed it emmensely but beware: its more like a best of concert than showing new set pieces.

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