Utada Hikaru – CDJapan sends out mass e-mail!

It’s a first for me and of such a large proportion I had to post it! CD Japan, a fantastic website for buying Japanese CD’s from has e-mailed every single person that has purchased Utada Hikaru’s latest album “Heart Station” to clear up the hot topic – “Take  5” and its sudden cut off ending.

Even in my review I thought the CD may have been faulty but as stated on Utada’s website and now in CD Japan’s e-mail, the track is supposed to end abruptly.  Obviously many people must have complained of faulty discs for such a large company to have done this.  The e-mail is below

“There have been numerous inquiries about the ending of “Take 5″ the 10th

The track is 3 minutes and 42 seconds long, and the track may appear to end
in the middle of the song, which was the reason for inquiries.

Since there has been some confusion about it, we decided to send this email
to provide our customers with official information.

As stated in the release dated March 19 on her official website, the song
has intentionally been arranged this way to end abruptly.”

Naughty Hikki!

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