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Doug Laurent – “Half-Life” Remix Album Review

Half-Life had music? That was the response I got when I told a friend of mine I’d bought the Half-Life Soundtrack! I must admit after I’d listened to the CD I half-wondered the same thing!

Only 4 tracks make up the soundtrack, each one called Half-Life and each one remixed from an original theme composed by Kelly Bailey – whom must be turning in his sleep ten years on from this release.

“Half-Life (Domination Mix Edit)” does very little for me. It’s like an early 1990’s club tune but without the class or the catchy hooks. It just alternates between two chords but does nothing to capatilise on them. “Mindbomb Remix” is much better in its construction, production and progression as a song. It reminds me of Sash, a 1990’s dance king. Good fun, if nothing new.

“Hypnotic Mix” is the seedier side of the cd, sounding like a dirty, grizzly club track, however it does lack a bit of oomph to it. “Domination remix” is the full length version of the first track which makes things a bit more drab but a little more better executed.

It’s a weird CD this one. Its completely inoffensive, but so inoffensive you just don’t notice it. The whole CD could have been made on someone’s first hour playing around with the “E-Jay” products and quite frankly I’ve made better songs from those products myself. While its got more going for it than say the Satan danceathon that was “Acclaims Raving Christmas”, its by no means a master of its trade.

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