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LittleBigPlanet delayed after so-called controversal song

Has the world gone mad? It seems so. Sony’s big trump card for the PS3 has been the excellent LittleBigPlanet which threatens to take any most of my spare time for the next god knows how long with its superb game play aspects. However the release has been delayed due to a couple of people raising questions over one of the songs included on its soundtrack for background music whilst playing.

Toumani Diabate’s song “Tapha Niang” quotes some references from Islamic book the Qur’an. Apparently placing any text of the book to music is a big no no and so therefore Sony have received a couple of complaints. Sadly in the nannied world that has become a corporate baby and a melting pot of minority religions that have the everyday lives of the average human completely bent over backwards, Sony have actually had to recall the product, remove the song and then redistribute it for a week later. Pardon?!?

Now I am not usually one to get upset over such things but surely the extremely small group of protesters have not seen the big picture here. I have no interest in religion in a personal day to day life yet I would have thought that by letting the song stay in, surely the words of Qur’an would reach people who are infact closed minded to their religion. Even if it was just to say the song was a good song, its still spreading the word and giving pleasure. Now all this has done has brought intrigue into just what exactly is so bad about singing a religious song. Would someone singing a passage from the Bible be asked to have it removed? In fact would a Biblical song be “allowed” to be included anyway as it would be considered politically incorrect in the first place and may enforce our ways on another. Maybe that’s just the English way but its a sorry state all the same.

You can listen to the song here and make up your own mind and then answer my poll below.

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