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Site Updates: March

This month has been a good month despite there not being as many updates, mainly due to a personal life this month however it will be back to normal shortly.

This month see’s the introduction of a flagcounter which shows where everyone is visiting from which I think will be quite interesting. Also if you didn’t already know, you can tell me about your latest musical developments by following me on Twitter.

April should see a second podcast so please tell me about anything that could be included!

Let spring begin!


  1. Hey Simon! Congratulations on the website, it really seems to be taking off at the moment. Can’t wait to hear the podcast and I will be adding you to twitter any second now.

    I’ve just created a lastfm page for my music and sited your interview with me in the biography; you can check it out here.

    I’ll be recording again this summer and have made ‘Demarcation’ available to listen to in full on lastfm – feel free to mention that in the podcast 😉

    See you on twitter! Bye for now!

  2. Oops, I meant to say ‘cited’, not ‘sited’. Coming from an English student, eh? Oh dear…

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