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Game Review – Buzz Quiz World (PS3)

Buzz is back and I’ve always been game for a bit of buzzer action, but this time Buzz is better than ever…

The Premise

Buzz has never really changed over the years. Using non-gamer friendly buzzers, you take part in multple choice quizzes in a TV show environment. For this edition each round you build up points on to then give you time to survive answer questions in a grand finale (The Final Countdown complete with the famous song!).

The Gameplay

Gameplay is all about the trivia, however there are many types of rounds that put a good spin on it. Points Builder is just straight forward answering, Stop the Clock rewards speed, High Stakes see’s you bid points that you lose if you get the wrong answer and of course Pie Fight and Pass the Bomb which see’s you eliminate opponents with gusto. MyBuzz see’s you make your own mini quizzes which extends the shelf-life of the game way beyond the box and downloadable question packs are great additions too.

Where things are better this time is that now 8 players can battle out, the online mode is vastly improved with 5 rounds of gameplay. The single mode still suffers in places but this game is designed for multiplayer party fun. Lag online is non-existant and matchmaking games is easy and simple. Buzz now can also call you by your name and although its such a small thing, it really lifts the whole experience up a level.

The Graphics

The Buzz Studio is vastly improved. The graphics are fantastic, without slowdown and Buzz is always doing something crazy in the background. I personally love the way the playing area spins around comically each round. The characters also are well posed and fleshed out.

The Sound

Buzz’ voice is spot on and the question reader is too. Apart from that, every song clip and movie clip appears to be licenced so everything is perfect.

The Replay Factor

Buzz Quiz World is so replayable it’s fast becoming my most played PS3 game for the winter season. By meeting all kinds of players online and the mybuzz quizzes at your fingertips, you just can’t go wrong.

The Positives

~It’s everything you wanted in a Buzz game, brought up to spec

~mybuzz and new quiz packs means no repeating questions for a long, long time

The Negatives

~If you don’t like quizzes, you’ll struggle with this one!


Frankly fantastic. It trumps the original buzz games on PS2 and wipes the floor with the original PS3 game. Buy, buy, buy!

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