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Happy New Year (And Decade!)

I wanted to send out an extended Happy New Year for everyone that reads the site and I wish 2010 to be a year that gives you exactly what you want.

At Higher Plain Music 2010 is going to be the most prolific year to date for the site. It’s my mission to post something every single day of the year (no this isn’t today’s post!) so there’s no big gaps between posts. The website will continue to slide more towards games than before too and all things game music orientated will be celebrated. It will intergrate our YouTube channel which hosts gameplay walkthroughs and special features. Game reviews will also become a more prominent feature too. I will actually get round to finishing the artist directory page eventually but its such a massive task it will take a while.

For non game-music, again all music that I enjoy aside from game music will be celebrated as usual.

So 2010 should be a good year all round!

All the best,


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