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Immortal 4 Released!

“Immortal 4” has finally been released, five years after the third volume was released!

Produced by Jan Zottmann, this album has an impressive running time of 158 minutes and features intricate arrangements of classic game soundtracks from the Commodore Amiga era. Enjoy titles from Lemmings, Turrican 2, Wolfchild, Flashback, First Samurai, Wing Commander, Jaguar XJ220 and many others.

Quite a few original artists have been involved in the recordings once again – Sierra cult programmer Al Lowe performed the infamous theme from “Leisure Suit Larry” on the saxophone, while Sensible Software’s Jon Hare provided vocals for two songs from Cannon Fodder. Followers of the demo scene should definitely check out the contributions by Jogeir Liljedahl and Eike ‘Romeo Knight’ Steffen. As Chris Huelsbeck said on his website, the “amount of detail and love that was put into this production is awesome and unprecedented – it’s really a must have for Amiga music lovers”. Let’s just hope we won’t have to wait another five years for the next volume…

It’s available via SynSoniq.

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