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Game Review: Drums Challenge (PSP Mini)

Drums Challenge is a new rhythm action game released as a PSP Mini which of course also work on the PS3. The game comprises of a single game screen filled with up to potentially 10 drum and cymbals, each mapped to a controller button. It’s then a case of Simon says as first a pattern is drummed out and then you follow trying to memorize the pattern as well as playing it in time to the beat. A scroll rolls across the top to let you know when the AI ends and you begin. More drum kits and styles are unlocked as you progress through the game. What is most impressive is how the buttons are laid out over the controller to great effect and everything feels very natural to play.

The game has a variety of styles from Latin to rock to jazz and back again but you have just three songs per genre, one easy, medium and one hard. The easy ones are so easy you’ll be perfect scoring them second time round as they usually only utilise two or three drums. The medium ones start to mix in a few hi-hats and cymbals which makes things more rhythmic and complex and the hard ones throw you in as a full drummer. The challenge is purely to get a perfect score which is achievable to anyone seasoned with the likes of Rock Band, Rhythm Zone or Amplitude. Infact, in many ways its too easy until the very end of the game and as the songs are short you can clear the mini quite quickly. What you can do though is then create your own beats in freestyle as a passing muse.


~Button lay out and rhythms do make it a good drumming experience

~A whole mini for the price of less than 2 Rock Band tracks


~Seasoned rhythm action gamers will clear the game with ease


For £1.74 you get a decent mini that’s fun, intuitive and provides amusement for a good 90 minutes before you’ve probably unlocked every track and then its down to your own medal chasing as to whether or not you continue. Fun while it lasts.

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