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Game Review: Lucid (PC)

Puzzle games have match 3, match 4, match 5, match colours… “Lucid” decides to match all! “Lucid” tasks you to match at least two of the same colour together to remove them from the grid. You can remove as many gems as you like of the same colour as long as they have connecting sides to eachother. So far, so easy. The crux is that you must be able to draw a line through the collection of gems you’re removing without crossing or double backing on yourself. This means if you look at the picture above you could remove the five pinks in the bottom left and the squiggle of greens in the bottom left part of the screen. However if you look at the four yellows stacked up on the bottom, should the turquoise gem also be yellow then you couldn’t remove it because you can’t double back on yourself.

What starts off very gently starts to become quite complex after the first 20 of the 55 levels. You’re quickly then tasked with finding specific colours and gem amounts to remove. Each consecutive correct removal increases your multiplier and thus boosts your score. The other game changer is a Lucid Gem which if you use it, gives you a fresh new set of gems but ends your multiplier. If you don’t use them, each one gives you a bonus at the end of the level.


~Great twist on tried concept

~Perfect learning curve


~No multiplayer mode


Lucid is strictly one player and all about the leaderboards. Great fun, relatively easy to concept to grasp and a gentle learning curve that gets trickier over time. Highly rated by us!

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