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Crazy Chocobo?! – Your Opinions

Possibly the most controversial rendition of the Chocobo theme ever? As ever with the internet, hardly anyone will sit on the fence. I think its a bold attempt and it doesn’t sound that awful at all. I doubt it’ll be the sole chocobo song and I’ve sure there was similar drama when FFX’s Otherworld was used as a track.

Where do you clock in?

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  1. I must agree with you.
    Actually, there are two other Chocobo songs, this is just for Red Chocobos, which are entirely optional, as far as I know.
    This was a joke that got way past the alienated fanbase’s heads. The lyrics should have made this quite clear, but enough for the haters. I quote:
    “So cute, yet fierce. Is he from hell?”

    Unlike Otherworld, this is not a complex or well elaborated song, this is merely a little ditty with humorous intent.
    Oh well, a good part of the controversy regarding this song comes from the simple fact that it is in Final Fantasy XIII-2, of all games.
    To many people, Final Fantasy is no longer a franchise, it has become a religion. I tend to desconsider the opinions of such people.

    Anyway, I don’t really like this song, but I don’t think it’s harmful as a joke. And I actually find it to be amusing.
    I prefer the classic tunes, true, but I don’t fear change enough to promptly badmouth anything that diverges from my point of view.

    The only thing I hate as much as FF’s fanbase hates change… is the FF’s fanbase itself, generalizing for the sake of simplicity.

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