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Game Review: English Country Tune (PC)

Be Jesus my head hurts! English Country Tune is one of the toughest puzzlers I’ve come across in ages! Why it’s called English Country Tune I’ve no idea but it just adds to the whole mystery of the thing which is as abstract a puzzler as it comes.

You are mostly a flipping board that flips from square face to square face around increasingly complex shapes pushing various things into its rightful place on the board. The flipping becomes vital however as gravity acts strangely in English Country Tune and is entirely directional. This means pushing something over an edge will then throw spheres (at the beginning) down long corridors and to impossible to solve situations. Thank goodness for the undo button and a restart button too so you can retrace as much as you need.

The difficulty curve is steep as you discover all the quirky world mechanics and each 10 levels or so the focus shifts to a new mechanic to solve. The result is a game that constantly evolves and has you utterly flummoxed at times. I’ve yet to complete it as I need to have breaks away while I ponder it. It does bring me back for more each time though and that’s the sure fire sign you’ve made a winner.


~Quirky gravity mechanics keep you on your toes

~Insanely difficult

~100 levels for you to burst your brain on


~No Steam Achievements


For the companies first pay game, English Country Tune is a fine example of how to fry your audiences brain and get them coming back for more. *pop*

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