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Game Review: Project Diva Extend Dreamy Theatre (PS3)

Possibly one of the biggest travesties in gaming this generation is the strange way that Project Diva has been given its PS3 releases. You always have to have the original PSP game and then effectively buy the game again for the Dreamy Theatre version. Sadly, with Extend, none of this changes. If you’re here though I feel like I’m preaching to the converted and you’ll know you’re going to plump for the game anyway. So what are we getting?

All the original 36 tracks from Extend are here for you to play “Simon Says” with through all the four difficulty levels but as before, you can only play what you’ve already unlocked on the original game. The same can be said with the modules (costumes) but I like the fact that now each get up can be saved per song quite nicely and easily. Load times are also much quicker this time round too. The graphical enhancements really push to the fore this time round too as the music videos for each song are so much more complex and better put together. You do not get previous games songs this time round, and DLC does not have a separate section so I’ve yet to play about with it but I assume you can import songs in as per usual.

Elsewhere though there’s a few other changes. This includes a “live” mode which features 11 songs that are performed move for move as they are from the “Final 39 ‘s Giving Day” concert. You can interact with all the camera’s as the set list steams through. A nice extra although its got somewhat of a limited lifespan. The trophies are just about difficulty clearing this time – no strange play for 3939 minute ones!

As a rule of thumb, with a bigger screen and no slowdown, I find the Dreamy Theatre versions always far superior and easier to get through than the original game – it’s just a shame you’ve got to buy the game twice to get it.


~HD Miku!

~Still some of the most catchiest songs ever made

~One of best rhythm action series I’ve ever played and it’s still not getting old



~Still no PS3 Edit mode


Still one of the best rhythm action games out there, but you’ll only need to get the PSP version to know that. This is really a big HD yummy package to ardent fans. Between this and the new Project Diva f that’s out for Vita – I’d go for the latter. This is fan service and at premium price (and I’ve happily gobbled it up)

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