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Game Review: FromPulse (PC)

FromPulse (PC)
FromPulse (PC)

FromPulse is the latest rhythm action platforming game to grace our controllers. Taking the form of a side scrolling rolling ball/alien you roll (curiously from right to left) hitting various buttons to the beat of the game. It’s all very BitTrip Runner or Mevo and the Grooveriders. Is it any good?

Well yes in a way… but it’s not nearly as good as I’d hoped.

There are only four levels on FromPulse. They are each over very quickly and whilst you have the Story+ mode which ramps the difficulty up a bit, the games patterns are fat too easy. You only use the fourth button about 3 times the entire game and that seems like a waste.

Infact, the longevity is the main problem. The graphics are bright and colourful. The frame rate is good. There’s the odd occasion where the foreground obstructs the view of what you’re meant to press but that’s few and far between. The music itself is quite forgettable outside of the game but does the trick in-game. It’s just over in 13 minutes.


~Nice colourful production


~Too short

~Too easy

~Not memorable


Easy, over in a flash and not providing much reason to return, FromPulse doesn’t quite pull through on any of its promise because of the lack of content there.

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