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Josh Whelchel – “Jottobots OST” Review

Josh Whelchel
Josh Whelchel

The cute and over too quickly “Jottobots” soundtrack from Josh Whelchel is a delightful affair as the four tracks loops beautifully in their haze. Opener “Jottobots” has a plucky Eastern popcorn sounding synth that leads the main melody in a Reggae Ska swing before “jotto Blastr” brings out all the retro chip-sets out for crisp and clean chip-tune  There’s little dub-step filler sections but the majority it full of never-ending arpeggios which all 16 bit boss battles have been made of.

“Those Neon Feels” calms us down with a soft chiming glassy plink before the drum toms kick in and the track becomes far more spacious and dramatic. From big chord stabs to heroic synth leads, the track has you covered –  which is an achievement to cram it all in under four minutes! “Something Slower” ends the short soundtrack with a tick tocking beat and what is almost a freeform jazz bass playing over slightly discordant keyboard shimmers.

Short, sweet but crafted to high quality my only nitpick is that the tracks artists details are blank and cannot be altered for my Last.Fm to pick it up and spread the love! So yeah… musics fine!

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