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Audio/Visual Film Review: “Life In A Day”

Life In A Day
Life In A Day

Life In A Day comes from a fantastic concept. YouTube back in 2010 asked everyone to film their day on July 24th and upload their videos to the website. After much watching, sifting, editing and clever arranging later, Life In A Day was born.

Frankly, the results are quite profound. The fact everyone made these clips within a day and that they are played as a 24 hour cycle is genius. In taking on this cyclic movement, you literally live the day along with everyone, which includes some of the world going to sleep whilst others are in work, and others are getting out of bed. Whilst some of the best moments are certain set pieces or montages (the waking up montage is amazing – I knew there’d be loads of toilet and teeth-brushing clips submitted) there’s a lot to be said for just seeing a glimpse of exactly how the world was on that day. There’s some truly remarkable people out there whom are just doing their daily lives.

One of the highlights from an audio/visual front is an African chant where three women sing and pound their bread moulds together in absolute perfect timing. It’s impressive as it is warming as we cut to other clips of people around the world.

Going into too much detail would spoil its charm – it’s a film that each person will interpret differently. Some may be put off by the jerky cameras, occasional phone video moments and some of the more controversial moments. However, I embrace and implore them and would love to see a follow-up in 2020 so it begins to chronicle our worlds progression. Fabulous.

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