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Son Lux – “Undone” Review

Came for Olga - stayed for glitch beats!

Son Lux’s most recent album had some great moments and the track “Undone” was one of them. It’s tightly woven guitar flicking and rolling soft punched drum loops rattled off at a mighty pace. So when I heard Son Lux was releasing some alternate versions I was intrigued to hear what was on offer.

“Undone (Radio Edit)” tightens the track further and leaves little room for breathe as the same guitar and chord riffs push on at full pelt. Son Lux (Ryan Lott) has a unique voice that sounds like he needs to cough but it suits this track perfectly to rinse out the emotion of every word. The real reason I grabbed this single though was for the track “Redone” as it is a new imagining sung by Olga Bell. As a fan of her music, I was delighted to see how the pair had essentially ripped the track down to it’s bare bones and then glitched the drums and bass to hell and back. Coupled with Olga being transformed into some cold hearted robotic Siri like voice it makes for a potent new track. Rounding off the single are the original and an instrumental of it which is nice to have.

Essential? Not really – but if you can snag the Redone track that’s a very worthy addition to your electronica arty library!

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