Higher Plain Music Patreon Launch Weekend



This weekend see’s the official launch of a few new projects for Higher Plain Music – and to celebrate I’ll be posting a new item every hour from now until the end of Sunday!

I’m launching a podcast

I’m launching a new podcast series called Staccato Cast. It will feature musical artists unravelling their songs layer by layer to tell you how they created them. You’ll hear some of the stems (individual instruments) and about the song writing process. Then at the end you’ll hear the complete track in all its glory. I hope you’ll find it an insightful look into the creative process and you’ll be able to listen to music with new ears.

I’d also like to launch an online radio station…

I’d love to run a 24/7 streaming radio station with a mix of all the music you read about here. However I’m unsure if there would be an audience for it and it would also prove to be quite costly. In the UK there are several licences I would need to buy yearly which are just beyond my current ability to save and do myself. I’d want to keep the station, like this site, as ad-free as possible. This leads me to my final point.

You can support what I do on Patreon

I invest many hours of my time into this site and after 8 years I’m truly proud of how far I’ve managed to get. However, to help support further development, I’ve launched a Patreon campaign. It allows you to support what I do, across the multiple projects I run (higherplaingames, ilovedisastermovies and Sitorimon) and get exclusive bonus goodies for doing so. You can even help shape future content and help inform me on what works and what doesn’t.

So if you would like to support me in improving what I do here – please consider joining.

However – I’ll be running this site regardless as best as I can and as always, thank you for your continued support over the last 8 years!

Simon 🙂



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