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Introducing… Penguin Cafe

Antarctica dreams of Penguins

Penguin Cafe, sometimes known as Penguin Cafe Orchestra, is a truly genre-crossing project from Arthur Jeffes. Founded in 2009, each album takes on various folk vibes from around the world, integrates them into a minimalist orchestral vibe and adds a layer of modern classical sheen over it. There is a hint of GoGo Penguins, a smash of Gondwana Records and yet something very unique too.

Penguin Cafe is gearing up for a new album called ‘Handful of Night’ as a follow up to the excellent 2017 ‘The Imperfect Sea’. The seeds of the album go back to Arthur’s expedition in 2005 with the BBC to Antarctica and then with Greenpeace in 2008 to the Arctic Circle. You see Arthur Jeffes’ great grandmother was previously married to Antarctic explorer Robert Scott. You can hear all of that bloodline, the locale and the feelings that come with visiting such a place come through with new single ‘At the Top of the Hill, They Stood’. The album is due out on the 4th of October and you can enjoy the single below.

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