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Akira Kosemura – Romance Review

Delicate simplicity at the piano

Pianist and composer Akira Kosemura’s quiet and introspective single ‘Romance’ is a tiny gem. Across the three tracks, each only just poking over the two-minute mark, we have simple but elegant piano pieces that make their mark and exit stage left.

Akira Kosemura

Title track ‘Romance’ shares the same DNA as the follow on tracks ‘The Middle of the Bridge’ and ‘Reach Into the Sky’. Each track increases the passion ever so slightly but rotates around similar chords and structures. Simple arpeggios with underplayed motifs hidden underneath, my only wishes are that the tracks were longer and that they came to an end less abruptly. For each track I was in the flow of Kosemura and then the song would stop – held on the last note.

That gripe aside, these little pieces are beautiful palette cleansers before tackling something meaty. Akira Kosemura’s ability to hold a melody with beauty and authority is clear to see. It feels like this is a stepping stone between things – like the pause for breath. That will only appeal to a certain demographic but there is a delicate simplicity to the straightforward approach Kosemura has taken here.

Recommended track: Romance

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Akira Kosemura - Romance



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