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GoGo Penguins – Ocean in a Drop Review

Returning to the source

Back with what feels like a bonus EP from nowhere, GoGo Penguin continues to entertain, wow and pizzazz as a wonderful trio. Piano, bass and drums. That’s all you get with GoGo Penguin but it’s much more than the sum of its parts.

Stripping away the production trickery of their recent album, this is a return to basics of sorts. The tracks are anything but basic though as the trio flows from one melody to another. ‘Control Shift’ is a real high point as each performer takes the lead of a section. The bass is utter on point, flexing and waning like a wobble board. The piano is flowing and expressive. The drums roll with poise and fluidity. Then they all join together in a perfect hyper jam.

GoGo Penguin
GoGo Penguin

Elsewhere other tracks hold a similar but different space. ‘Time lapse city’ has a certain beauty about it whilst ‘Four Corners’ feels more anthemic and caravan like. The titular ‘Ocean in a Drop’ plays with swirling motifs as if the song itself is spiralling down the drain. It feels effortlessly unfurling and yet in its quieter moments, it feels like you have uncovered a sacred secret. ‘Nessus’ brings to a quiet close an EP that has been going at great guns from the start. It is an introspective exhale with gravitas.

Whilst it’s a return to basics production-wise, the songs themselves are among some of the most complex GoGo Penguin has ever created. It’s full-on great guns and evocative with it. A must-have for any fan or those who love piano-led melodies with a beat. Flawless.

Recommended track: Control Shift

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GoGo Penguin - Ocean in a Drop



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