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Logan Nelson – Lavender Echoes Review

Painting by orchestras

Sounds like…

A gentle Bob Ross string painting

The review

In just 22 minutes Logan Nelson manages to paint a lush sensory world that evokes curiosity and wonder through simple modern classical compositions.

The most outspoken of these is ‘Hjlóð’. It mixes warm and petite strings that are backed up with glacial synths and gentle production trickery. When the drums come in, Logan Nelson gets cinematic. It’s the only track where this happens bombastically and as such it’s a standout. This EP is much more about the quiet nuances that swim under the surface of the main melody and those that enjoy digging for discovery in their music will find this music to their ears.

Logan Nelson

The rest of the EP focuses on painting musical strokes towards a feeling or a melody. ‘Glacier’ is a shimmer of single notes that feel icy and connected without ever being prescriptive as to where you are going. ‘Satellites, In Orbit’ is a gentle plink of chimes and keyboards tick-tocking time. Underneath sits a vast collection of electronica but it never truly reveals itself.

The second half of the EP is more traditional in its classical approach and focuses on the petite hopeful joy I spoke of earlier. Each track is uplifting and they work as a trio back to back really well. The title track, in particular, feels like it is chronicling a growth spurt. Each string is leaping up the notes and octaves as if nature is reaching for the sky. That feeling takes over time and again, with occasional piano support. ‘Anamorphosis’ has more in common structurally with ambient synth composers than classical ones but the instrumentation has been swapped out.

In many ways, that is possibly the best way to describe Logan Nelson and his work on ‘Lavender Echoes’. I feel like he is a synth composer making music with classical instrumentation. My only complaint is that with just 22 minutes, the excursion is a little brief to fully settle into the mood. That being said, when your only complaint is ‘I want more’ – it is a testament to the composition and performance. A hidden gem.

Recommended track: Hjlóð

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Logan Nelson - Lavender Echoes



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