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Higher Plain Music’s Double Bubble April Content

Something new every 12 hours

March was a barren month for Higher Plain Music whilst I awaited delivery of my new PC. I wasn’t able to publish content without it. Then the world went wonky. I feel like now more than ever, being able to connect with something like music can be important for someones mental health and wellbeing.

Throughout April Higher Plain Music will have a post every 12 hours. At 8am and 8pm UK time there will be something for you to discover. Every morning I’ll be introducing you to a new artist to the site. Every evening will be a review of something recently released. This is a thank you to all the musicians and an apology for not being able to provide much coverage across March.

I work as a key worker and have older parents who aren’t well. Whilst music has always been one of my two main escapes (video games being the other) it feels more cathartic than usual at the moment. I hope to keep your mind distracted for a few minutes a day.

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