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Floating in Space – A New Dawn Review

Your new not-a-movie soundtrack for 2020

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A post-rock orchestral lovechild

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With the advent of samples orchestras, we are fortunate to live in a world of exciting times for composers and musicians to get access to what I call synthonic orchestras. They sound very close to the real thing and are far more accessible to the indie musician. This is where Floating in Space comes in. Floating in Space, the music name for Ruben Caballero, specialises in composing for sampled orchestras but he also puts his own euphoric post rock vibes on things too.

Floating in Space

‘A New Dawn’ is Floating in Space’s third album and it tells a cinematic journey from ‘Sunrise’ to ‘Eclipse’. The opening tracks sparkle with radiance as euphoric power chords shimmer with a smile from the guitar to the strings. More earnest tracks like ‘Where The Sun Remains’ paint a musical narrative too as they have humble moments among the post-rock build ups and crescendos. There is an overwhelming sense of gratitude and whimsy as the piano gently simmers until ethereal guitar echoes. It is cinematic and heartswelling.

As the album progresses the orchestra quietens down as the post-rock instrumentals take centre stage. These are quite rhythmic and plodding in their nature but as they are brief they don’t outstay their welcome. The rhythmic plodding is a staple in the post-rock genre because, like the orchestrations earlier in the album, it is all about gathering momentum and then charging forward. A never faltering foot forward with your guitar helps sell that emotional journey. Without a doubt, the track that sells the album is ‘Dusk’ as it comes with vocals from Aniah Alves. Her tender verses and epic chorus riff could be a theme for any sci-fi film releasing in the last decade.

‘A New Dawn’ is an excellent album and I know that fans of the project Light & Motion will absolutely adore this work. Its largely instrumental rocky orchestrations are both huge and humble and you feel like you’ve experienced a day in the musical protagonists shoes by the time the last note fades.

Recommended track: Dusk feat Aniah Alves

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Floating in Space - A New Dawn



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