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Thys – Unmoved Mover / Unwound Review

When one genre of experiments is not enough.

Sounds like…

Noisia’s experimental bassist enjoying himself.


The review

Breaking out on his own from the band Noisia, Thys takes his experimental bass leaning with him to simply play and experiment with his debut solo single. The three track release will give fans of Noisia plenty to enjoy whilst Thys crafts out his own solo identity too. ‘Uwound’ has its leanings into drum and bass and plays around with arpeggio tempos. Some bells slow down whilst the beats around it kick off. Elsewhere cinematic strings and brass arrangements burst in for the final third. It transforms a track that was about to rave the underground into something more sinister and orchestral. ‘Unmoved Mover’ is like a throwback to early 90’s arcades with its cheesy beats but slowly over the piece it slides into something more trance focused. Again Thys plays with how music can fall apart and the song begins to unravel and slow down to a fuzzy messy of noise for the final minute.

What strikes me with this release is that Thys cannot and will not just have one sound or genre in a single track. He wants a full story with movements and moments in each track. It is an experimental and bold statement to make but it pays off. This will keep many experimental electronica and bass fans happy for a while.

Recommended track: Unwound (Feat Lordel)

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Thys - Unwound / Unmoved Mover



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