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Lumen is an electronic hand-pan for those who want a hang drum!

New music tech in the making

One instrument I’ve fallen in love with over the last few years is the hand pan. Like a softer, tiny UFO version of a steel drum that had relations with a tongue drum, its found its way into all kinds of music. I’ve wanted one (and I own a tongue drum which I love) but waiting lists are huge if you want a high-end instrument. I’m very happy with my budget one, but Soniccouture has possibly given me jealous eyes with Lumen.

Lumen is an electronic hand-pan that can be used as a digital instrument or as a standalone one too. It has several hours battery life and can be used as a hand-pan or a tanglik (African drum) too. It replicates a lot of the note muting and sensitivity of the real instrument and seems to be really well put together. I’ve put a video below for those of us that love playing around with music tech. I’m genuinely intrigued as I know I’ll never get a real Hang Drum – this could be my big-budget alternative…

I’ve bought a lot of Soniccouture’s sound samples to date but I’m not sponsored don’t worry 😉 I just really like their stuff! What do you think?

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