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Snorri Hallgrímsson – Landbrot I Review

Minimal happy place piano

Sounds like…

Intimate ivory reflection.

The review

Snorri Hallgrímsson has often made music that feels reflective and introspective. His new EP ‘Landbrot I’ is the first in an instrumental double EP that chases the emotion and feeling of time and thought lost.

Landbrot roughly translates from Icelandic to erosion and this EP evokes that peeling away of layers in its composition. There is a recurring motif across the EP that has a high octave tinkle to the piano that pops up over again. Each track then explores a soulful and minimal composition that often returns back to that little motif. It reminds me a lot of Joe Hisashi.

Snorri Hallgrimsson

It also reminds me of the musical equivalent of meditation. Each time the piano risings or the strings that are so quiet the mix, holding a pastel background – the motif comes back. Its as if you are trying to refocus and centre your mind against the daily grind that wears you down. ‘Vorar’ is the central piece of the EP that breaks off the motif and is the most melodic. Fans of Olafur Arnolds will sink into it but Snorri is much more meditative and minimal in his work elsewhere.

‘Landbrot I’ plays with recurring themes and creating space between the notes. With clever production that allows a constant string arrangement to drone quietly in the background, this is a really effective mind cleanse EP. Snorri Hallgrímsson says this album is named after his happy place. For me, this EP is a warming calm place to hide in.

Recommended track: Haustar

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Snorri Hallgrimsson - Landbrot I



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