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Treeboga – Circle of Unity Review

Tribal purges of emotion,

Sounds like…

Didgeridoo Dubstep!

The review

Treeboga have a very niche speciality of music but it is one that I absolutely subscribe to. They take the digeridoo, tribal ceremonies and electronic beats and mash them together in a blender. The result is something that you can have an out of body experience to in the jungle or in a club and neither would feel out of place.

Central to the music is the rhythmic bounce of the digeridoo and the mouth harp. They often create a bass razor that buzzes and froths at the mouth enticing you into Treeboga’s world. Opening track ‘A Natural Being’ does this so well, building up shakers and forest ambience around you as if to immerse you into its world. Slowly that buzzsaw bass of digeridoo and mouth harp starts to jar and glitch and electronic elements start to seep in. ‘Dedication to Insight’ begins with a subtle kick drum but soon synths pull the energy up and keep it rising through ‘Conscious Healing’ where tribal drums flood the speakers. It feels like a musical ascension. This hits a dreamlike trance with the tuned percussion of ‘Dream on Wagogo’ which features all kinds of thumb pianos and kalimba styled instruments over chants and bird song.

From here, Treeboga moves towards clever electronica with ‘Levitation’ using huge drums and channelling tribal whistles as quirky synths. More and more dance elements crowd the music as it intensifies but its the prelude for aggressive dub-step of ‘Conaction Mode’. Here voices are distorted into warbling synth drones over quick-fire percussion and new age synths. It is an attack on the senses as occasionally the track moves time signature to throw you out of step and keep you on your toes. This heightened alert continues with the tribal mirage of drums and bells in ‘Tongoma’ and concludes with the tribal techno ‘Liberation of Mind’. The way the album accelerates towards this glorious conclusion is beautifully put together and it really pays off.

‘Circle of Unity’ feels like an hours purge of emotion around a fire at night. The devils dance, the emotions are raw, the dances are fierce and the ascension is palpable. Treeboga have really outdone themselves with this new album and it is their most complete and rounded work to date. A fine example of tribal electronica.

Recommended track: Levitation

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Treeboga - Circle of Unity



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