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Tiasu – Enigma Review

One of the finest examples of chiptune and rock music combining forces.

Sounds like…

Gothic Chiprock anthems for future Castlevania games.

The review

Almost every Tiasu album has its own theme or twist on things and ‘Enigma’ is Tiasu’s take on chiprock. It sounds like a raucous medley of would be Castlevania or side-scrolling shoot-em-up anthems that allow both chunky guitar riffs and frenzied chip synths to work together in harmony.


The sheer aggression channelled into each and every track gives the album an insatiable grit and buzz to it. From the rumbling riffs of the title track to the Halloween beats of “Dilemma” to the symphonic anthems of “Left” – it doesn’t matter the genre, its all guns blazing. The way Tiasu layers synths, organs, guitars and a mixture of electronic beats and replicated rock drumkits together really elevates the entire collection. It is gothic through and through too – hence the Castlevania gone nuts references. Part of this is down to the complex organ work that runs throughout the album that gives every track an epic boss vibe. Even when the album is more uplifting and hero focused, such as the riotous “Allocate”, you can’t help but mini-mosh and wave your arms in the air. Want vocoder basslines instead? “Riddle” turns the bass into a low bass vocoder scream to really churn all that is gritty and visceral out of your system. “Precipice” is Nightwish on crack, minus a Vocaloid – the guitar hooks are insanely catchy.

Frantic and without pause for breath, the 45 minutes of chiprock Tiasu pulls off is some of the finest work I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. The album is consistently smashing out hook after hook and then dangling frenzied organ and synth solos in front of you like a candied treat for more musical hedonism. If the guitars don’t get you, the synths will. Put simply, this is God Tier rock music and if I did bother to work out in a gym – this is a workout playlist meant to hulk smash barriers. I appreciate this review is a short one but it is because every time I stick this album on, I get so pumped up I can’t focus on writing about it. 10 / 10. If you enjoy guitars at all – just get it!

Recommended track: Precipice

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Tiasu - Engima



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