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Thank You for 2021 from Higher Plain Music. What’s coming in 2022?

The busiest year yet!

2021 saw Higher Plain Music have its most popular year ever, crossing over 100,000 visits. Whilst I’ve been a bit AWOL this year with firstly long covid and then dealing with some family health issues, it’s been a pleasure to be able to showcase new and interesting music across the year. I’ll be skipping my top albums of the year post because I don’t feel equipped to do it this year having had to skip so much of what I ended to buy and review due to family priorities. This will be back to normal next year.

For 2022 I’ll be back to the usual 10 posts per week. That’ll be daily at 8pm UK time with 8am posts on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday too. I’ll be continuing to post reviews and introducing posts for music that I love and early 2022 will be a bit of a mop-up of albums I wanted to write about in 2021. January is usually quiet for new music so this fits nicely! I’ll also be continuing the radio shows and making a new one every fortnight across 2022 as a tester to see if readers enjoy listening to curated mixes that are not on Spotify (we all know my thoughts on that stain of a company so I try to avoid them wherever possible).

New things planned for 2022 include really getting going with Higher Plain Records – working with small indie artists to create a little eLabel (to start with). The music will be the kind of music I personally love to listen to but I want to show that being a label doesn’t mean draconian royalty sucking evilness. It should be an enabler and support structure as well as a label of a certain style or idea. I’ll also be expanding my own musical output in 2022 to include sound healing and medicine music (Higher Plain Feelings) and some more solo work (Sitorimon). My intention is not to push them here but have the option for you to browse it all if you want to. Higher Plain Music is all about everyone’s music first, I just happen to make some myself too.

In 2021 I started offering PR support for artists and I received positive feedback from my first customers through the site. I paused this offer due to family health issues but this will be back up and running again in 2022.

Lastly, I plan to explore a specific new project around game music, game music covers and chiptune music. It will be under the title “Chip De Bleep” but won’t be coming until the first few months of 2022 are under our belt.

Below is a comprehensive video of all the things I get up to as the Higher Plain Network. I am self-funded through my day job, YouTube Ad’s, Patreon supporters, random donations and PR work. The idea is to create a truly indie platform and brand that doesn’t need to trade like the usual media outlets so it can be honest and transparent. Thanks for the best year to date and look forward to more in 2022!

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