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I wanted to say thank you for all the kind messages artists, labels and PR agents have sent over the past couple of months. I have been juggling a few caring responsibilities over the last few months whilst my parents went through some health concerns. Whilst they are not over, we appear to over the worst of things. Thanks to everyone for your patience as hopefully things will start to improve over the coming weeks.

This means you should see Higher Plain Music return back to its normal 10 posts per week at 8pm UK time daily and 8am on Weds, Sat and Sun very shortly. User submissions should reopen from April. I’m also planning a writing blitz day of being able to review quite a backlog of EP’s and albums that I have wanted to write about over the last few months. All being well, you’ll get a good few notifications of new posts tomorrow so just a heads up in advance!

I’m looking forward to bringing tons of new music to you and I’m delighted that in spite of being less consistent than usual, the site is still growing. Thank you.


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