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Dino Voldann – Dinozorus Rex Review

French Chip...Rap?

Sounds like…

The French chiptune rap EP about an abandoned fridge.

The review

Dino Voldann’s “Dinozorus Rex” is his second EP and it packs a punch in under 10 minutes. The five tracks are chiptune based but they bring in hip-hop, rap, rock and a bit of techno for good measure. It is such a leftfield release, it made my ears prick up and dance along to its French murmurings and swagger.

Dino Voldann – Dinozorus Rex

From the bold drums and rap of “L’araignescalier”, we then move towards the talk-singing bounce of “Plus avec toi”. Chirpy old keyboard chintz out chord stabs whilst seaside organs have a little dance over retro techno beats. It’s a silly but fun piece that characterises the EP. “P’tet bricolage” sounds like it has been stolen from a hyperactive toddler show’s theme song and “Le Nouveau Synthe” is over before it begins, lasting just a minute. The EP feels like snatches of rough diamonds that aren’t fully formed yet.

The sole exception is the joyous chiptune piece “L’histoire du frigo” – a sound about a fridge abandoned by its human. From the cheesy SNES chipset to the lazy singing from Dino Voldann – it comes together in a haphazard genius way. I wouldn’t say it is technically a marvel – but it has an odd charm to it that made me throw some change its way for purchase. Fans of odd chiptune music and French amateur rap… and where they collide should take a peak.

Is French Chip-Rap a thing? I have no idea…

Recommended track: L’histoire du frigo

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Dino Voldann - Dinozorus Rex



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