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Getting my ears back to normal and 2023 plans

Ear problems and 2023 plans for new ideas and projects!

I apologise for having a few weeks of relative inactivity for Higher Plain Music. I came down with a cold/infection type, which I’ve still got, but my ears were affected too. Everything sounded dense and compacted which I believe was caused by a middle ear problem due to the cold. I couldn’t hear music properly so it didn’t seem fair to be reviewing and speaking about someone’s work until I could get full audio back into my ears. Everything seems to have popped back to normal so I’ll be back in the swing of things again from tomorrow. There is a huge backlog of things to talk about so I’ll try to space things out a bit without spamming everyone. Thanks for your patience.

So what’s been like with permanently muffled ears for 2 and a half weeks? Bloody annoying! I feel like I’ve had a strange muffle effect left on my DAW but I will say heavy bass guitar riffs and really heavy drum lines hit differently.

2023 plans for Higher Plain Music

This year has been a year of personal life taking over my ambitions for this site and my network. There were lots of things I wanted to start this year and simply couldn’t do due to time and energy limitations. However, this is the plan for Higher Plain Music in 2023:

  • 10 posts a week as a minimum (that’s what I usually aim for but it hasn’t always happened this year)
  • More Higher Plain Music Radio and playlist styled content.
  • New music releases for Higher Plain Records (something I had to shelve this year) and creating an e-label to support artists that would be proudly celebrated on Higher Plain Music with funding, PR support and infrastructure.
  • An entirely new project for chiptune, Vocaloid and video game music styled music.
  • Relaunching Higher Plain Feelings as a sound healing and relaxation project.

Thanks for your patience and let the music roll tomorrow!

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