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Shigara – Sambaqui Arranha​-​C​é​u Review

Minimalist Brazilian house and samba collide

What does Shigara sound like?

Big house and samba beats infused with minimalist Brazilian tones.

The review of Shigara – Sambaqui Arranha​-​C​é​u

Mixing house with all kinds of electronic beats, Shigara brings South America to the dance floor. I often find you have two camps of producers for this genre. Those who put organic or traditional instrumentation front and centre, or those who keep it in the periphery. Shigara is more the latter, choosing electronic synths and big bass first.

photo of Shigara

That doesn’t mean the music isn’t smooth though. For opener ‘Tucano Toco’ we have minimalist keys, a rhythmic on/off bass throb but a mixture of dynamic drums and hand percussion. It gallops at speed to get the blood pumping, moving us into the house beats of ‘Trajeto’. The synthetic acoustic guitar meshes excellently with all the synths. Then the track switches stance into a chunky jungle outro. It’s big and bold whilst only using a few instruments.

‘Tomatelo Todo Lo Que Queries’ takes us towards samba, placing the drums front and centre. As various hand percussion takes centre stage in a revolving door of sound, barely a few notes are struck on the synths or bass. Instead, robotic chants of the track’s title punctuate the rhythms. This direct approach merges samba timbales and Afro Caribbean sensitibilities with ‘Cuica da Doida’. The angular quickfire bass and atonal squawks of horns make this track both danceable and hedonistic.

Having spent most of the album in South America, ‘Empinadim’ feels more Middle Eastern. The sole fully vocalised track mixes future ethno instruments with skittish rhythms and a chord structure that is perfect for a Turkish wedding. To conclude the album, we reach a fever pitch of BPM with ‘Faca De Dois Gumes’. This darker entranced and primal techno/house mash-up is all about the raging grizzle of the bass. It surges forward like lava as primal screams roar out. Again, don’t expect big melodies, Shigara is more interested in surges of emotion.

There is definitely a live set mood to Shigara and the way the release is structured. It’s like the songs are cranking up your heart rate to its final release. Whilst the minimal melodic nature may turn some off, if you enjoy the more primal percussive side of Latin electronica then Shigara should serve you very well indeed.

Recommended track: Trajeto

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Shigara - Sambaqui Arranha-Céu



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