Utada Hikaru: Heart Station/Stay Gold

Utada Hikaru is set to release her final single for the upcoming album “Heart Station” in under two weeks time. The album is to follow in March (and I’ve got it pre-ordered) The double A side contains the title track from the album which is a mid-tempo track that sounds like how I’d imagine a First Love track to be if she wrote that album after Ultra Blue. The PV is a simple affair and while its a great concept its not as fun as some of her other videos. You can see it here

I think more people are excited over the second A side “Stay Gold” which is a beautifully understated ballad that is sung so softly it makes you stand still. It’s piano led and sounds superb. You can hear a radio rip here if you don’t mind the lower quality sound.

Hikki, whom also has an English album in the works, has delivered for me with each album so I’m prepared to be bowled over with this new release.

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