Vienna Teng’s Live DVD Review

With 3 albums under her belt Vienna Teng has a rapidly expanding fan base and rightly so as her Live DVD showcases her talents for all to see.

Somehow I missed this DVD  when it was released but having bought it and watched it for the first time last night I was surprised at just how elegant she is.

The tracklist follows a large chunk of her most recent release “Dreaming Through The Noise” and Vienna performs subtle, subdued and elegant versions of “Whatever You Want”, “Blue Caravan” and “Transcontinental 1:30AM”. Her vocals are so crisp and controlled it’s a joy to listen to and although there’s not much chatter between songs, she does joke around with her string players and her band. There’s a beautiful version of “Green Island Serenade” without instrumentation and a heart wrenching rendition of “Gravity” which shows Vienna’s a class act. The only thing I’m not so sure worked was having The Tower duetted with a male singer. It confused me hearing someone else singing the song – maybe in time it’ll grow.

In short, this DVD clocks in at the hour mark and is worth every penny. So when is your UK tour Ms Teng?

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